Distilled spirits, and especially rums, often play a major part in Vodou rituals. Our Shack Rums are especially made for interactions with the Spirits. They are perfectly suited for all your rituals and trances dedicated to love, good fortune and healing.

We love the idea of respecting nature and living in harmony with the elements. Keep these bottles on your altar at all times and cast your own spells. But use your powers wisely.

“Every one of our Shack Rums has a different purpose.
That is why each bottle bears a clear reference to one of the many saintly spirit beings, called Loa or Lwa, in the natural Vodou world.”

Shack rum Veve symbols

Vodou is natural. It’s everywhere. It is a part of an ancient heritage in a divine world where the trees have souls and humans constantly interact with the spirits of nature.

The practice of Vodou has always been a magical force for good and an interpreter for the language of Mother Earth.

Sometimes you need a trance to read the signs; you need offerings and effigies to control the elements; you need to tap into the roots of your humanity.

Sometimes, you need a little bit of Vodou.

At Shack Rum, we love the idea of being
deeply connected to the forces of nature.
Our rums are an intense celebration to this belief
and a means to make it happen.